If you haven’t checked out retractable screen doors yet, you’re in for a treat and a surprise. Retractable screen doors are one of the newest and most exciting advances available in screen door technology today. Are they elegantly simple, or simply elegant? These are screen doors that don’t open in or out, and don’t slide; they literally retract—roll up and disappear—into an attractive, vertical receptacle built of durable, lightweight aluminum. It’s like an advanced, vertical, version of roll-up blinds.

Retractable screen doors are perfect for those situations where you want screen door protection sometimes, say, summer evenings when mosquitoes are out in force, but not all the time. Easy to use, convenient, and durable, retractable screen doors can be customized to fit nearly any doorway. When you need a screen, simply take the handle and easily slide your screen door shut. When you don’t, easily slide your screen into its roll-up receptacle and it’s out of sight until next time. Perfect for patio doorways, retractable screen doors provide versatility and beauty to your home.

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